Therapy (for) Life

Onwards and upwards 

We are often asked the question -

how much therapy will she need? The answer is 

I don't entirely know for sure but typically children with Cerebral Palsy have to work extra 

hard to keep their muscles strong and working. India has worked incredibly hard all of her life and we are super lucky that she's as motivated to move as she is. 

India is now officially graded a '1' in the classification level for gross motor skills. This is the least severe (5 being the most severe). This is due to her having attended the US centres for intensive courses of physical therapy 4 times now. The issues she still has are with her balance, co-ordination, fine motor skills and oral motor skills.


We have every faith that it will be onwards and upwards for this girl. Some therapists with the more conservative and perhaps traditional opinions on Cerebral Palsy try and tell us that she may 'plateau' shortly in terms of her gross motor skills. I do not subscribe to that view. I think its an outdated concept which has not studied the results of clinics who run what I call 'proper' intensive courses of therapy. By that I mean the type that Indie does - 4 hours a day of therapy for 3 weeks straight.


Whoever looked at a 6-year old child and said "yeah, thats it now, they wont learn to [run / jump / skip / swim, etc] any better than they currently can do". What utter nonsense. You wouldn't say that to a typical able bodied child so why say that to a child who perhaps has different issues with their physical abilities?

India is a determined, fiesty, lively and motivated little girl who wants to run and jump and play and all who love her intend to give her every possible chance at living as able bodied a life as possible. With that in mind she shall keep doing therapy for as long as we see results. The results we continue to see are tremendous so she shall do another course in 2018 and perhaps another one or two intensive courses in 2019. 

India also does a lot of activities - she dances three times a week, swims twice a week, does all the usual school sports sessions and is due to start gymnastics soon if we can fit the time in the week.    

It all makes for a busy life with  much running around after a little girl who has the busiest diary with multiple medical and sporting commitments but this Mum wouldn't have it any other way. 

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